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Western Imaging is a full service, radiologist owned, radiology facility.

Our facility in Marina del Rey provides an ideal location to service the Westside. With a convenient location, attentive staff and same-day scheduling, physicians receive answers quickly and patients receive the premium care they deserve.

We believe building positive relationships is one of the most rewarding things in life. It takes desire, commitment and, yes, hard work. But the rewards make it all worthwhile. At Western Imaging, we understand the power of good relationships and our number one goal is to be the imaging center of choice for physicians and their patients. To accomplish this, our level of service must be unparalleled. We are committed to this principle and renew this commitment everyday.

Today we continue to lead the way in outpatient imaging by holding true to our founding principal: combine the most advanced diagnostic imaging technology available with the best in patient care and service.

Our internal, fundamental ideology, our essential and enduring tenets, and our
professional beliefs are summarized in our Core Values:


We treat our patients with dignity, providing the courtesy and gentleness they need. We are helpful, we listen, we communicate, we respond to their needs.

We are ever receptive to clients’ needs and cater to them with solutions, responsiveness, professionalism and attention to the minutest of details. We exceed the clients’ expectation in every engagement.

Quality first, always. Quality is ingrained in the work of all our values. We are dedicated to the delivery of quality radiology. Our business practices and processes are designed to achieve quality results that exceed the expectations of patients and clients. We have a relentless passion for quality in everything we do.

We are accountable for, and accept the consequences of, our behavior. We strive for excellence in everything we do. We can be relied upon to perform our job duties honestly and efficiently. We adhere to the highest legal and ethical standards. We take pride in our organization and our jobs, projecting a professional image and striving to be the best in all we do.

We carefully manage our business to maintain its profitability. The achievement of profitable growth rewards us with an organization that has vitality, opportunity, motivation and a promising future.


Our employees are valued, motivated and encouraged to reach their full potential. We nurture the development of our employees, create an open, flexible and supportive work environment and provide leadership that stimulates success. We empower our employees to improve processes on the spot without reference to a higher authority.

• We believe client loyalty is built upon exceptional service delivery.
• We anticipate their needs and make it easy for them to do business with us.
• We follow through with commitments.
• If we are unable to answer a question, we find someone who can.
• We respond quickly to requests.
• We pay attention to details.
• We turn obstacles into opportunities.
• We smile, introduce ourselves and greet customers in a friendly and helpful manner
• We are courteous to all and say “Please,” “Thank you” and “How may I help you?”

We go beyond what’s convenient and expected; are dedicated to clients and to one another.


We promote a work environment based on teamwork, encouragement, trust, concern and honest and responsive communication among all employees.


Our goal is clear. We strive to be number one and we want people to know about it. In everything that we do, we search for excellence and accept no less than best.

We aggressively and continuously eliminate waste in every facet of our business processes.

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