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Heart Scan is a fast and painless procedure that could save your life. Using our ultra-fast CT scanner, multiple images of the heart are taken within seconds. The amount of calcium or plaque within the coronary arteries is determined. One of our board certified radiologists calculates the patient’s cardiac or calcium score.

For simplicity sake a low score makes the presence of significant coronary artery disease unlikely. Likewise, patients with an intermediate or high score have a higher risk of cardiovascular disease.

By having this test done, the detection of heart disease is possible before symptoms even occur. Armed with this information, your physician can then recommend appropriate treatment, including diet, lifestyle changes, medication and/or further testing. The disease process may then be slowed, halted or even possibly reversed.

The whole procedure takes just minutes and is completely non-invasive. Most importantly, you and your physician have key information to direct your future healthcare decisions and make appropriate lifestyle changes. One way to be sure that you know the true state of your heart is to get a Heart Scan.

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Are over age 35

Have risk factors for heart
disease (family history, smoking, elevated cholesterol, diabetes, high blood pressure) or a history of heart problems

Have a close relative with heart disease before age 50

Have a high-stress job.