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Lung Scan is simple, painless and takes just minutes. Identifying lung cancer in its earliest stages has been nearly impossible in the past since developing nodules are usually too small to show up on regular chest x-rays. Now, a low-dose CT scan can detect small nodules and the early signs of lung cancer. At this early stage, treatment can dramatically improve survival of the disease.

Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer death in America. Survival rates have been devastating because almost 85% of tumors are discovered at a late stage when treatment can do little to cure them.

Many people with lung cancer do not experience any symptoms until it is too late. This scan provides a powerful tool for detecting lung cancer at an early stage.

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Smoke or have a history of smoking

Have a family history of lung cancer or a personal history or any cancer

Have worked in a factory, farm, coal mine or shipyard

Have been exposed to environmental pollutants

Have an unexplained cough